Most Reliable Auto Trading System

we are working in industry since 2008 with Many happy clients. almost 8000 indipendent traders from all around the world. this numbers is increasing everyday becuase we understand what they need. a good Autotrading system that everyone can trust

Becouse our Autotrading system is reliable. safe. for a reason we don't use Automated EA's or robots. we do Tradings our self. also we do not charge monthly fees from our clients. we only charge presentage of a profit that we made from your account. mean, if we made profit you will pay, if not, you don't.


  1. You must have minimum $500 in your Broker account
  2. We do not Support every Brokers and so we Only accept selected Broker accounts (Please contact Your Partner website)
  3. Our charge is 30% of your profit. Nothing more

how to Join

We Do not accept direct clients at the moment. Please do contact Your local trading partner or educational website to learn more about our services. They will tell you exaclty what you need to do


  1. We do not accept any deposit or prepayments
  2. You can see All our Automated Tradings in your Mt4
  3. You can withdraw any amount of money at anytime
  4. We Always care about our Quality. mean all the trading are highly accuarate. at least 90%
  5. every money you have in your account is controll by you.